Hákon Hurox

Death-dealing Mercenary


Distinguishing features: battle-scarred

Clan Abilities:

Member of the Orlmarth Tribe 17

  • Courageous +1

Individual Abilities:

Warrior Without Peer 7m

  • Lethal Axeman +1
  • Berserker Rage +1

Dragon’s Ale 13
a tooth pulled from the mouth of a slain chaos dragon, its blood taints any ale poured into it, giving the imbiber the ability to breathe fire

Implacable 13

“I live,I love, I slay, and I am content.” 13

Scrymgeour the Swordbreaker (Sky-iron axe) 13
a weapon passed down the generations through Hákon’s family; legend states that it was created during the God War

Terrifying Pall 13
Hákon is near kin to the Death rune; when he enters battle, only the most stalwart of opponents dare face him


Death 17
Air 13
Endless Battle 13


Obsessed with Hospitality 7m
Honorable 17


Hákon Hurox

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