Ulfger, bearer of the Red Spear

Wolf-Brother, Hunter


Clan Abilities:

Member of the Orlmarth Tribe 17

Horsemanship 1m

  • Trick Rider +1

Treetop Riding 17

Individual Abilities:

Bearer of the Red Spear 17

Deadly Hunter 17

  • Gifted Tracker
  • Adept Falconer

Grace of the Alynx 13

  • Silent Kill

Beast Talker 13

Air 13 (sword and bow, silver)
Truth 17 (fire, spear, gold)
Movement/Change 13
Communication 13

Disdains sheep 1m

Remaining Points


Ulfger is the outrider for his tribe. Friend to the Alynx, wolf, and falcon. Not always fond of outsiders. His father was a sheep herder and having done so much of that he loathes ever dealing with them.

Ulfger, bearer of the Red Spear

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