The Colymar Tribe

The Colymar Kinstrife

Since Starbrow’s Rebellion, the Colymar have been torn apart by kinstrife between two claimants to the tribal kingship, both from the same clan – Queen Leika and King Kangarl.

Leika was the leader of the “Ballistan” warband; an independent band of warriors and adventurers bound together as her personal companions. She allied with Redbird the Sorcerer during Starbrow’s Rebellion and went with him to Nochet to find the heir to house of Sartar: Temertain. The Ballistans snuck Temertain into Boldhome where he managed to cause the Flame of Sartar to flicker to life. However, under Redbird’s influence Temertain made peace with the Empire and the Ballistans returned to Colymar lands.

King Kallai had been king of the Colymar during Starbrow’s Rebellion, but was exiled by Fazzur in the wake of his victory over the Sartarite rebels. Leika presented herself as a candidate for king and undertook a brave and harrowing journey into haunted Snake Pipe Hollow to destroy Chaos in its own lair. She succeeded and was acclaimed Queen by her joyous people, without any preliminary legal preparation, despite the other rivals.

One rival was her own kinsman Kangharl, formerly the Colymar warleader during Starbrow’s Rebellion and who led the fight against the Lunars at the Hill of Orlanth Victorious. After years of fighting against the Lunars he finally succumbed to Lunar sorcery and embraced the Lunar Way to further his ambitions.

At the tribal assembly, Kangharl challenged Leika to produce the Ring of Command (a great golden torc woven from seven strands of gold twisted together and part of the tribal regalia) but she could not do so. Kangarl had the assembly exile Leika and proclaim him tribal king.

Called Blackmoor (an ancient insult against those traitor kings who sold their people out to Arkat and the trolls), the new king persuaded the Lunars to reduce their tribute on the Colymar. But the price was high: Lunar demons were allowed in the sacred tribal lands, many of the magical guardians removed, and a Lunar slave fort was permitted in the Nymie Vale. The fierce warriors of the Anmangarn clan have refused to present Kangarl with the Black Spear – the sacred wyter of the Colymar tribe – and have retreated into the wilds. Rival warbands fight and pillage; King Kangarl’s Black Oak Brotherhood harry those who still support Queen Leika, and in distant Whitewall, Queen Leika and her companions enjoy the support of High King Broyan. Many fear it is only a matter of time before civil war tears the Colymar tribe apart.

- Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes

Clans Coming Into Play

The descriptions below all come from Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, too.

The Orlmarth Clan

The Woodpecker Clan

This clan is sometimes also called the “Starfires,” because of where they live; and the Keeper of Secrets, presumably of the place where they live. They are descendants of the original Colymar clan. Their totem is the red-headed woodpecker. This clan has a long-standing rivalry with the Greydog Clan of the Lismelder tribe, who live on the other side of the Starfire Ridges.

The Angmangarn Clan

The Black Spear Clan

Also known as the Black Spear clan, due to the sacred object that Chief Colymar bore when he led the first clan to these lands. The spear was a sacred object for many years after the creation of the Colymar Tribe, but a dispute about its use nearly led to violence in the house of the king. To resolve the dispute, King Korlmar sent the spear into the wilderness, and swore that only those who could “follow” it, as in the old days, would deserve to have it. He was among those who found it, and in the wilds those people swore a special oath whose contents are known only to them, and to the clan that was made to defend the secrets. They are the Anmangarn clan, who are also noted for the fine black bulls that they breed.

The Hiording Clan

The Swan Clan

Also sometimes called the “Swansons,” this clan are descendants of Hiord and Safeela, a swan maiden. He stole her magical wrap, and so she stayed with him for 7 years, and their children head the main bloodlines of the clan. When they were attacked by the savage Varmandi, they joined the Colymar tribe for protection. The village of Swan is where Hiord raised his children, and is the traditional stead of the Hiording chieftains.

The Colymar Tribe

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